Create a new zone first and delete the old zone records.

diag debug disable.

The test for correct setup is to run nslookup servername,domainname (inserting something valid) and see if the answer comes from your local router or the remote DC. .

lan 192.

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. For a couple of months now, when connecting via OpenVPN, resolving hostnames that are on the remote network has not worked for me (but servers work by IP address). You have a Routing Problem.


99. conf (Delete the resolv. domain.

. Right Click - Properties -Networking - TCP/IP v4 and Advanced.

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To confirm your in-use DNS settings when using Azure AD authentication for your P2S VPN gateway, you could consult Get-DnsClientNrptPolicy in PowerShell.

5. Set secondary DNS to external (8.

My configuration: Under Network DNS Server I have configured. Strangely, I have two long-time users without any special settings that use VPN just fine.

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putty2: diag debug reset. Select a range of text in the text box. .

. 12-15-2019 06:15 AM. If the VPN Client receives the correct DNS IP address from the VPN server, but name resolution still does not work, check to make sure. With packets trace on both side, it would be helpful to troubleshoot name resolving issue. If your router is working fine, and you have an IP address starting with something other than 169, the problem’s most likely located within your networking. Would you please provide usuneditedipconfig /all from one VPN client.

In Ip Settings UNCHECK Use Default Gateway , in this way routing is going through your PC for all , except the VPN Networks.

255. Try a ping to a device on the network and a tracert to see where the network traffic is being routed through.

2-changing the path to IP / servername/.

There is an issue with VPN integration in WSL running on my Windows 10.



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