General Purpose; 10-25 Eggs annually; Friendly and "chatty" but never to the point of annoying; Gander 18 Lbs Dame 16 Lbs; APA Medium Goose; The Buff Goose is one of only two breeds of geese originating in the US.

It is also considered a colorful goose, as most geese are feathered in shades of white, brown, and. Assorted Guinea Eggs.

(Looking for ) chinese geese Moncton 03/04/2023.

from $18.

Gosling. New Listing Brown Chinese goose hatching eggs fresh from the farm (6 eggs). .


. . Goose Eggs for Hatching, Huevo de Gansos.

Adults: 12 weeks and up - $10. Goose eggs are a very special seasonal treat! Please visit our online store for free US shipping options and more information.

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Available from April through 1st week of June.


25-35 EGGS/YEAR WEIGHT 14-16 lbs. These geese are very hardy, beautiful, make good 'watch dogs', and their eggs hatch well.

Shipped USPS Priority Mail.
To keep their eggs safe, geese build nests and guard their eggs for the full month until they hatch, with the male goose bringing.
I am looking for a male chinese geese ( Adult friendly).


so fresh eating eggs for sale 4$ each.

and Females at 8 lbs. . Description.

Opens in a new window or tab. We have available 4 Pure bred Chinese Geese hatching eggs. Up for sale a pair of Brown Chinese Geese. . Eggs rooster Ducks & drake & muscovy & pekins and goose / geese. 88.


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Temperament: Many people keep White Chinese as pets, and report that they will “talk” with their owners, honking and making noise when talked to.


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